Ape tour is a unique breathtaking tour of its kind. We suggest you visit Palermo in a comfortable and exciting way on board the bee – buggy. The bee-buggy, is a four-wheeled vehicle being driven by a local and licensed driver. The Ape can accommodate up to three people and is very convenient for moving in the narrow streets of the old town but also the most peripheral places such as the Norman Palace, Cuba, the Capuchin Catacombs, the Zisa, the Foro Italico and the Kalsa district with the gigantic Ficus Magnoloidies, considered one of the largest in Europe. Route: the main monuments of the city: Cathedral, Teatro Massimo, 4 Canti, a market, Pretoria fountain and UNESCO churches. Meting point: infopoint Palermo Via Vittorio Emanuele 351 Price: 80,00 euro from 1 to 3 persons (max. 3 persons per ape) The price does not include: entrance fee monuments or churchs On request guided tour with tour guide or audio guide. Tour with tour guide for 2 persons: € 200.00 total. Tour with audio guide for 3 persons: € 80.00 tour + € 6.00 p.p. for audioguide) p.p. means per person, total fee means total tour cost.