Are you landed in Palermo and you have little time to know the city? Would you like take a tour of old town independently? However , Would you like to a cheap service? In this case, the audio guide is what it is right for you. Now, you can take a walking tour at your own pace, you can choose monuments and routes independently, thanks to the audioguide rental and the city map support where you will find 50 monuments and 11 routes created for you.

special price  for cruise passengers 10,00 euro

   You can use the whole time when you visit Palermo

The audioguide is in 4 languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French.


The audioguide you will be given a map with different routes.for each route you will find a buttom of the audioguide which corresponds to a monument or point of interest. The city of Palermo has an historical center divided into four districts called Mandamenti. This allows, easily, the realization of different paths, shown in our map, that give you the opportunity to visit the city as an open air museum. The audio guide are 50 buttons that correspond to monuments or places of interest, moreover some of these buttons have further information about legends, stories and traditions such as street food in Palermo. The first two buttons introduce the city with the history and explanation of the historical center.


• Churches of the UNESCO route: Church of the Martorana, Church of San Cataldo, Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, the Cathedral, Church of the Magione.

• Baroque Churches: Immaccolata Concezione , Casa professa, San Giuseppe dei Teatini, Pietà.

• Other churches: Church of the Spasimo, San Domenico, Gancia, San Francesco della Catena.

• Other monuments: Pretoria fountain, statue of the Genius of Palermo on the Vucciria, Genie statue to the Praetoria Palace,, Mura delle Cattive, Porta Nuova, Porta Felice.

• Theatres: Massimo Bellini, Politeama.

• Places: market Ballarò, the Capo, Vucciria, Cassaro, Bologni Square, Revolution Square, Quattro Canti, Villa Garibaldi, Palazzo Abatellis, Steri, Salvation, Marina Square, Garden Garibaldi and more .

  The routes is designed for cruise passengers, starts from the port and the rental of the audio guide takes there directly. Send us an email and we’ll find the audio guide at the port, or you can pick one up at our Infopoint:


rental cost for cruise passengers: 10,00 € one audio guide for the whole day.