Tired of paper guides? Do you want to tour the city independently? Would you like information about Palermo but want to organize your tour yourself? In this case, the audio guide is for you. From today you can take a walking tour at your own pace, choose monuments and routes independently, thanks to the rental of an audio guide and the support of the city map

How it works: You can rent the audio guide at our Palermo infopoint, in via Vittorio Emanuele 351. Together with the audio guide, a map of the city with 10 routes, designed for you, is provided. Along each route on the map you will find a monument or point of interest indicated to which an audio guide button will refer. In total, the audio guide offers 50 keys that correspond to monuments or points of interest.


50 Monuments or places of interest

1 Intro Palermo
2 Historic center
3 Quattro Canti
4 Corso Vittorio Emanuele
5 Piazza Bologni
6 Unesco Cathedral
7 Piazza Beati Paoli
8 Capo Market
9 Street food
10 Immaculate Conception Church
11 Porta Carini
12 Theater Massimo
13 Via Maqueda
14 San Giuseppe dei Teatini Church
15 Pretoria Fountain
16 Gesu Church
17 Ballarò Market
18 San Giovanni degli Eremiti Church and Unesco Cloister
19 Norman Palace and Unesco Palatine Chapel
20 Porta Nuova
21 Palazzo Pretorio
22 Statue of the Genius of Palermo
23 Bellini Theater
24 Church of the Martorana
25 Church of San Cataldo Unesco

26 GAM Museum
27 Statue of the Genius of Palermo in Piazza Revolution
28 Church of the Magione
29 Church of the Spasimo
30 Kalsa district
31 Church of Santa Maria della Pietà
32 Palazzo Abatellis
33 Piazza Marina
34 Steri
35 Church of the Catena
36 Mura delle Cattive
37 Porta Felice
38 Church of Santa Maria della Pietà
39 Buca dell a Salvezza
40 Antica Focacceria San Francesco
41 Church of San Francesco
42 Vucciria Market
43 Church of San Domenico
44 Via Bandiera
45 Porto della Cala
46 Fontna del Garaffello
47 Statue of the Genius of Palermo in Vucciria
48 Archaeological Museum
49 Piazza Politeama
50 Politeama Theater


Cost 2 hours
6 €
Cost 4 hours
10 €
Cost includes
Audioguide + mapp with tours and monumnets
Italian French Spanolo English
All year
via Vittorio Emanuele 351